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Harry & Ginny
15th-Apr-2013 12:02 pm
hg - silver lining (icon for community)
Hello all! Things have been a bit quiet here lately, and I'm sorry about that. I'm hopeful that in the near future we can pump some more life into our little community, perhaps with a fic exchange or something of that sort. If anyone has any ideas, please feel free to message me. I've got a few balls in the air right now, planning a big move in the next few months, so it might not be until the fall. But I'd like to get the ball rolling on something soon.

But for now, I would like to share a bit of news regarding another community that I am helping out with.

* * *

Never fear, your summer porn is here!!

We got a bit of a late start this time, due to some unexpected crazy stuff in our lives, but we are now ready to announce that this year’s hp_porninthesun is now open!

This year we have opted for the more Mod-friendly prompt grab. While we definitely appreciate that many people like the anonymous exchange format, this time we simply couldn't make it work due to our crazy schedules. Rather than see the fest fall by the wayside, instead we decided to try something different.

Some important dates to remember:

1. April 8-22: Prompt submitting open
2. April 23-29: Prompt claiming
3. June 21st : Final submissions due
4. July 1st: Posting begins

As always, please consult the rules outlined on the profile page for more information.

We are still looking for prompts, so if you are interested please follow THIS POST to submit! You do not need to participate to submit a prompt, and vice versa. All pairings are welcome (although quite honestly there isn't nearly enough Harry/Ginny)!

Hope you can join us!!
16th-Apr-2013 09:34 pm (UTC)
Aww, glad to see you back :D As much as I'm swamped with college, I'd love a fest. We could have a recs week, like the 30 says of pairings but for H/G :D
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