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Title: Fairytales
Pairing: Harry/Ginny
Rating: PG
Word Count: 2412
Warnings: Fluff, PWP
Summary: I loved fairytales until Harry Potter became part of the family.
Note: Do you ever hang out with someone that gives you chest flutters and imagine how moments might go?  They're my personal versions of fairytales.  I'm becoming increasingly frustrated with myself for writing these fairytales in my head so often, and I thought Ginny might relate.  Hope you enjoy.  Meant to take place during the winter holiday of Ginny's 5th year/HBP year.

I hated fairytales.

Free ideas

Basically, I have more ideas than I will ever be able to write, so I thought I'd offer a couple of them up to the H/G folks here, in the hopes of inspiring someone who has been bereft of ideas.

A financial role reversal. In other words, Harry has the shirt on his back and is attending Hogwarts on scholarship and the Weasleys are loaded. I've seen poor!Harry fics, but I can't remember if I've seen rich!Weasleys before or not. I can definitely say that I've never seen this combination.

Do it the way you want, but in the idea that's been fermenting in my brain, Ron is embarrassed by his family's wealth because he's tired of greedy false friends and folks expecting him to be like Malfoy. Arthur and Molly ensured the kids didn't get spoiled.

We can then see how this would affect Ron's friendship with Harry, Ron's friendship (and/or romance) with Hermione, as well as Harry's eventual romance with Ginny.

This would be an interesting theme to explore, in particular because it undermines the gold-digger bash that some like to use against Ginny. I'm one of those folks who sees Harry+Ginny as less of a ship and more of a fact. Basically, I think that they would get together regardless of circumstances.

More of a general category than a specific idea, but basically, turn the Ginnybashers on their heads by inverting the tropes.
Allow me to explain. When I first began reading HP fanfics, I read indiscriminately, regardless of ships and other details. Eventually, though, the relentless bashing of Weasleys in general and Ginny in particular began to grate on me.

At some point, I realized what most of you already know, that the bashing comes from deliberately and grossly misrepresenting Ginny's character. Some simply exaggerate her canon faults, canon!Ginny's temper becomes bash!Ginny as an abusive harridan. Others invent faults for her out of thin air. Of course, the writers altship of choice then comes to Harry's rescue.

Basically, I think you should reverse it - Ginny and her family rescue Harry from your bad guys of choice.

For example, my (currently on hiatus) story Harry Potter and the Cave of Second Chances is based on the typical Ronbashing story. All you need to do is substitute Draco for evil!Ron and Lucius for evil!Dumbledore.

I'm not saying no one's done it before, but there are a lot of stories than can be created in the category of the Weasleys rescuing Harry from Malfoy and/or Greengrass, et cetera. Certainly, you don't have to make the bad guys Slytherins. It's not hard to turn the slut!Ginny story into slut!Romilda or psycho!Ginny into psycho!Lavender. Evil Ravenclaws are not out of the question, either. I would have thought evil Hufflepuffs too difficult, but Brennus did it well in Hail Odysseus.

It doesn't even need to be a "rescue" story.

Certainly, don't plaigarize anyone, but it's not hard to find a Ginnybashing story. There are plenty of ways to find the stories and invert them.

Hope this inspires somebody to write.

Harry and Ginny, OTP

The Lost & Found Challenge

signup/about | takingitinturns | hp_reunion

takingitinturns is excited to present a new Harry/Ginny challenge for fic and artwork! YES, REALLY. I know it's been a long time, but hp_reunion is organizing a fandom homecoming for those of us who've wandered off in recent years, and it seemed like a great excuse to have a Harry/Ginny challenge!

Everyone is welcome to join us, whether you're a longtime fan or new to the pairing. All styles and genres are welcome, from romance to mystery, adventure to angst to darkfic, sexy stories to family fic. Hand-drawn artwork and electronic pieces are welcome, and we love fanmixes, gif sets and whatever else you can dream up!

I hope we'll see you there!!
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Nothing Else

Title: Nothing Else
Pairing: Harry/Ginny
Rating: G
Word Count: 508
Warnings: Fluff, PWP
Summary: There was never enough time to kiss Ginny.
Note: It seems I hardly ever write anymore and I feel as though I get worse with the years (but maybe because I'm out of practice).  I do hope you like it.  A little post-Hogwarts drabble to keep my spirits up.

I thought that, after the war, there would be plenty of time.
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I am looking for a Harry/Ginny fix that I read a long time ago. It's called: we are smarter than we look (and we look pretty damn smart). Or at least that's what I think it is called. It's written in the form of letters, and it is told from the twins POV.

I just remember reading it, and really enjoying it. So, if any one can help me out, that would be great.


Adult-onset soul bond fics?

I do love reading HG soulbond fics.
I've read through much, though admittedly not all, of duksbrymin's list of H/G soulbond fics: http://dukebrymin.livejournal.com/43809.html

One thing that gets me, though, is that most of the bonds I can remember seem to form early: on first meeting or when Harry rescues Ginny from the Chamber.

To anybody's knowledge, are there any adult-onset bonds? Of course, Birds of a Feather (also by dukebrymin) has a bond that begins in Goblet of Fire, are there any other ones that have the bond begin later than COS?

Of course, anyone in need of a prompt may consider this to be one. :)
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Looking for Fanfiction!

Hello All! I was wondering if anyone knew of any sort of depository where people have shared fanfiction that has been 'lost' or become unavailable through 'locked' Livejournal type accounts? For example, I have always wanted to read some of Ashwinder's more adult fics, but they are are 'locked away.'
It is sad that these wonderful stories are being locked away as interest starts to die away from HP fanfiction. Any help would be most welcomed.